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3 Sales Videos

3 Audio Files

3 Social Media Posts

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We understand you want to set up your promo swiftly and effortlessly, earning money as quickly as possible.

 If you encounter any challenges during the setup process, we're here to assist you.


Who are We?

Marlene and Michelle, a mom-daughter team! In 2020, we launched our first course and software membership site, which we successfully sold in 2022. 

Now we're very busy creating niche websites, and building our affiliate empire.  Promoting awesome affiliate products using the promo kits! So easy 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience in affiliate marketing is required to effectively use this Promo Kit?

The Promo Kit is designed for all levels of affiliate marketers, from beginners to experienced. Our step-by-step tutorials make it accessible to everyone.

Can I use the promotional materials for multiple products, or are they specific to the 'Pictory Video Creation Software?

The Promo Kit video is tailored for the Pictory Video Creation Software product, but the articles can be adapted for similar products.

Can I sell or share the Promo Kit?

You can promote the kit as an affiliate, but you cannot sell it or share the materials in the kit with anyone, anywhere. The Promo Kit is for use in your personal promotions only.

Are there any restrictions on using the promotional materials on specific platforms or websites?

Our materials are versatile and can be used across various digital platforms as well as your own website/blog.

How are discontinued, or unsuitable products replaced, and what is the process for receiving a replacement product?

If a product is discontinued or becomes unsuitable, we notify you immediately via email. We also provide a replacement product, ensuring your promotional efforts continue seamlessly.

Are there Promo Kits for other products available?

Yes, indeed! We're actively developing new promo kits and aim to release at least two per month.

Are there any additional costs or fees associated with using the Promo Kit, beyond the initial purchase?

There are no hidden fees. Your one-time purchase includes all materials and ongoing support.

Is the Pictory Video Creation software suitable for beginners, or is it more advanced?

The Pictory video creation software is designed to benefit both beginners and advanced users.

What kind of ongoing support is provided, and how responsive is the support team?

We offer ongoing support to ensure your success. Our support team is responsive and ready to assist with any challenges you may encounter during setup

Can I request additional voice options for the videos, or is the selection fixed?

Currently, the voice options are fixed, but we appreciate your feedback. We'll consider expanding options in future kits if the demand is there.

Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the Promo Kit?

When completing your purchase, you get instant access to all materials, allowing you to immediately use it. Due to this immediate access policy, we do not provide a money-back guarantee. Please watch the demo video and read all the information carefully before making your purchase.

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